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Reuniting with immediate family member in Canada who is not Canadian PR/citizen – COVID-19

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The Canadian government continues to make changes to who can travel to Canada and under which circumstances due to COVID-19. IRCC announced on April 3, 2020 that it may be possible for temporary residents to travel to Canada to reunite with their immediate family member(s), even if that family is not yet a Canadian permanent resident or citizen.

Prior to the announcement, only immediate family members could travel to Canada to be with family that is either a PR or citizen.

Immediate Family Member

Under this policy, an immediate family member is defined as a spouse, common-law partner, dependent child, dependent child of a dependent child, parent, step-parent, guardian, or tutor.

Requirements to board Canadian flight

Individuals will need a valid visitor visa or eTA (for visa-exempt country) together with a valid passport. Further, a written authorization from IRCC must be obtained to confirm that the individual is exempt from current travel restrictions.

Written authorizations are obtained by emailing IRCC or by contacting one’s nearest Government of Canada office abroad.

The written authorization must be presented to the airline, together with proof that travel is for an essential purpose, such as coming to live with your spouse, parent, etc. We recommend having proof of your family relationship and of your family member’s residence in Canada.

One should prepare to have their health checked by airline officials, and will have to enter mandatory isolation once arriving in Canada.



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