coat-of-armsWhether you have made your claim for refugee protection at the Port of Entry or inside Canada, you will be given a date for a hearing within 30-60 days from the time of the claim. It is highly recommended that you be represented by counsel at the time of this hearing. This is an oral hearing in which a Board Member will question you regarding your claim in order to determine if you should be granted refugee status in Canada or not. These hearing typically last a few hours, but can be rescheduled for subsequent days if necessary.

Prior to this, all of your personal identity documents and evidence of your claim will have to be submitted to the Board. Additionally, documentary evidence regarding the country conditions will also be necessary to satisfy the Member.

If approved at this stage, you will be processed for Permanent Residence in Canada. Unfortunately, if you are denied for any reason, you will either be removed very quickly to your country of origin, or you will begin the appeals process that is available to you.