Temporary foreign workers and foreign students that have skilled work experience in Canada, may be able to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class under the new Express Entry system. Canada recognizes that you have a greater chance of success as an immigrant as you have already contributed to the Canadian economy and are familiar with Canadian society. Please see the requirements under the Express Entry heading, in addition to those listed below.

You will need to meet the following requirements to apply under the Canadian Experience Class:

  • plan to live outside the province of Quebec
  • have at least 12 months of full-time (or an equal amount in part-time) skilled work experience in Canada in the three years before you apply,
  • have gained your experience in Canada with the proper authorization (valid work permit)
  • meet the required language levels needed for your job for each language ability (speaking, reading, writing, and listening).

If your existing work permit is about to expire you may be eligible for a bridging open work permit. Bridging open work permits allow qualified applicants to keep working while they await a final decision on their permanent residence application.