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Invited to Apply for Parent/Grandparent Sponsorship: Next Steps

By May 4, 2019July 23rd, 2019No Comments

Families have started to receive their Invitations to Apply to sponsor their parents/grandparents. This is an exciting time for families who have been waiting years to have their parents/grandparents become permanent residents. Given the extremely high interest in this program, applicants who submit incomplete or ineligible applications will be turned away and left to go through the entire process again in 2020.

Whether you choose to apply yourself or hire a professional to navigate the process with you, it is critical that the application be complete and that sponsors ensure that they can prove their eligibility. If you did not already confirm the sponsor eligibility requirements when submitting the Expression of Interest on January 28, 2019, now is the time. Eligibility requirements apply to a sponsor’s age, immigration status, income (based on family size), and other personal circumstances.

There will be several forms for both the sponsor (and co-sponsor if applicable) and for the principal applicant (plus spouse, common-law partner, or dependents, if applicable). IRCC may require applicants to provide fingerprints and photos (biometrics) depending on their circumstances.

Ashamalla LLP assists our clients with preparing and submitting their complete application package if they have received an invitation to apply. The firm also offers assistance on an hourly-rate basis to individuals who have chosen to prepare their own applications but wish to have a professional review before submitting.


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