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The Federal government’s much-anticipated announcement last week confirms that Canadian immigration targets are set to record highs amind the second wave of COVID-19.

Canada plans on welcoming over 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years to boost the Canadian economy and address gaps in the labour market.

The new plan sets immigration intake targets to 401,000 in 2021, 410,000 in 2022, and 421,000 in 2023. This is a significant increase over the projected targets released before the pandemic.

The plan’s highlights include the following aims:

  • increased admissions over the next 3 years to make up for 2020 immigration shortfall
  • focus on economic growth, with 60% of admissions coming from economic classes
  • additional CRS points for French-speaking Express Entry candidates
  • commitment to admit up to 500 refugees over next 2 years through Economic Mobility Pathways Project
  • pathway to PR for eligible refugee claimants working on COVID-19 health care front lines between March 13 and August 14, 2020

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