Applying at Port of Entry

applyng-port-entryIf you are entering Canada with a Temporary Resident Visa such as a Visit or Student Visa and you fear returning to your country of nationality, you can make a claim for refugee protection at the port of entry. If this is done at the airport, you will be interviewed by CBSA officers and if you are deemed eligible to make a claim, you will be given the Basis of Claim form to be completed and returned to the Immigration and Refugee Board within 15 days. This form will summarize the reasons and details for your claim. While you are at the port of entry, you will be required to complete several other forms as well, and this process could take several hours.

If you do not have a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa and need to enter Canada through a United States land border, you should be aware that you can only do so in order to make a refugee claim if you have an eligible relative in Canada that is a PR or Citizen. Eligible Anchor Relatives include parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Under Canada’s new refugee system, you will be given a hearing to assess the merits of your claim within 30-60 days after making the claim, depending on your country of origin. If approved, the PR processing can take several months.

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