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Starting today, GTAA has implemented several new rules for those travelling through Canada’s busiest airport.

What travellers can expect

All passengers are now required to wear facemasks at all times. The requirement applies in all public areas of the airport, including security screening, parking facilities, sidewalks, curbs, and other outdoor public areas. Individuals may be asked to remove their face masks for identification purposes. Travellers are also being asked to exit the airport immediately once they collect their luggage after the flight.

Those waiting for individuals to arrive must wait outside the terminal with facemasks. This applies to not only those waiting for travellers but for family or friends awaiting airport employees before or after their workday. The airport has carved out exceptions, such as for individuals accompanying minors or assisting those with disabilities.

In an effort to ensure the gates are not crowded, the airport will be holding planes on the tarmac for longer periods of time. The goal is to facilitate the flow of traffic throughout the terminal.

Additional disinfecting measures

Pearson has also taken on additional disinfecting measures. Travellers can expect additional hand sanitizer stations, increased cleaning of kiosk stations, and enhanced disinfection of all washrooms.

This changes are an addition to the GTAA’s previous safety measures to help protect drivers working at Pearson during the pandemic, including the disinfecting of all limos and taxis before each trip. Those measures were implemented as the Airport Limo Association reported the death of at least 10 drivers due to COVID-19.




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